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Organic Detox Herbal Tea

Organic Detox Herbal Tea

(3 customer reviews)


  • Activates the elimination functions of the body
  • Drains excess water and regulates transit
  • Allows you to regain shape and vitality

No nanoparticles, no lactose, no gluten, no dyes, no GMO, no magnesium stearate


What is organic detox herbal tea?

The organic Detox herbal tea is an infusion of 10 organic plants with herbaceous and floral notes. These plants are traditionally used for their digestive and purifying properties.


The purifying herbal tea based on 10 organic is for whom?

  • For anyone who wants to purify and tone their body
  • For anyone who feels bloated or puffy for no apparent reason and struggling to lose weight
  • For anyone who wants to reduce the acidifying effects of meat-based diets and to improve digestive comfort

3 good reasons to use organic detox herbal tea with powerful purifying properties:

  1. Getting back energy and vitality, recovering luminous and radiant skin tone
  2. Energizing key organs responsible for elimination of harmful toxins (liver, kidneys, intestines)
  3. Staying hydrated through the day

Packaging: Craft bag 100 g

Ingredients: Organic spicy nettle leaves, organic dandelion leaves, organic juniper berries, organic blackcurrant leaves, organic fennel seeds, organic wild mallow, organic ash leaves, organic elderberry, organic sage leaves, organic chicory root.

No additives

Light and pleasant herbal and floral taste

Direction for use: Put 1 tablespoon (5 g) in a liter of boiling water. Infuse 15 min, filter, and taste, warm or cold.

3 reviews for Organic Detox Herbal Tea

  1. Isabelle

    Lorsque j’ai faim ou que j’ai très envie de piquer le nez dans les chocolats, je me prépare une tisane Detox Bio et… ça passe ! Cette tisane m’aide à ne pas grignoter et à couper plus ou moins l’appétit.

  2. Marie

    En buvant seulement 2 tasses par jour de tisane bio, j’ai constaté que mes jambes étaient plus fines, plus légères et toniques comme gainées, dégonflées ! Encore un produit fantastique de la gamme Darmaxis que je vous invite à essayer.

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