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DarmAxis: Purity and efficiency at the service of your health!

Darmaxis is a young Luxembourg company, which is implementing a new approach to nutritional supplement focused on the intestine-brain relationship.

Our products are formulated on the basis of the latest scientific publications, in close collaboration with our European laboratories.

We only use 100% natural and concentrated active ingredients, packaged without any excipient or additive potentially harmful to health.
Each of our formulations respects the laws of the countries where we distribute our products, with maximum efficiency for our customers.

We attach great importance to the Clean Label, which guarantees the absolute purity of our products and we rely on a team of professionals, which guarantees total traceability.


Sylvie Rouen PhD in Microbiology, DEA in Molecular Microbiology, Ing. in Food Science, FODMAPs specialist (FR / EN). Irina Simoncini :MSc in Biochemistry, MD, DESC in Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics, writer and experienced scientific formulator (FR / EN / LU / RU).

(Photo Credit: Chamber of Commerce / Matthieu Freund-Priacel / Primatt Photography)



The current trend is the purity of the products. There are many, these famous “E” followed by three numbers. Dyes, preservatives, thickeners and other “technological agents”, food additives have a bad press and are accused of making people sick. More and more consumers want natural products. The Clean Label is a unique commitment, which is positioned in the current trend of a “back to the roots”. It consists of replacing artificial additives used for the production of food supplements with authentic, 100% natural ingredients. This return to the purity and authenticity of the ingredients is part of the preventive nutrition of diseases. The Clean Label excludes all artificial additives, both dangerous and unnecessary, such as:

  • E171 Titanium dioxide (whitening and opacifying agent): Carcinogenic, cytotoxic and pro-inflammatory capable of inhibiting DNA repair mechanisms, implicated in the appearance of various symptoms and pathologies
  • E460 Microcrystalline cellulose (thickening agent): Causes gastric disorders and skin irritations
  • E551 Silicon dioxide (anti-caking and dispersing agent): Increases the risk of certain inflammatory diseases of the colon
  • E572 Magnesium stearate (anti-caking and emulsifying agent): Compromises the intestinal absorption of nutrients, it is likely to disturb the intestinal flora.



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