Dénommé « champignon de l’immortalité », le Reishi est utilisé depuis des temps immémoriaux dans la pharmacopée asiatique. Il a toujours été associé à la santé, la récupération physique, ainsi qu´à la longévité et la sagesse.

Plant treasure to brave viral attacks

Polysaccharides – or beta-glucans in scientific terms – are the bioactive molecules from Reishi. They have powerful immunostimulatory properties. Reishi’s beta-glucans naturally increase the activity of the “workhorses” of immunity: white blood cells NK. NK (Natural Killers) white blood cells identify infectious agents and fight off infected cells. They promote the secretion of anti-inflammatory substances and mobilize the overall immune response of the body (innate and adaptive).

Precious circulatory tonic extremely rare in the wild

Other highly bioactive molecules of Reishi repel circulation problems. More specifically, they help lower blood pressure. They reduce palpitations and shortness of breath on exertion. In addition, these moleculesblock the gateways for viruses to enter the lungs. Taking a supplement based on Reishi extract titrated in polysaccharides could minimize the risk of a viral infection. And, if necessary, reduce its duration and severity … Good to know!

All the power of Reishi polysaccharides and their allies to defy viral attacks can be found here:

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