An impressive number of immune cells line the digestive tract. These cells work in synergy with the intestinal cells and the microbial flora. It is a harmonious cooperation, which builds, protects and maintains the integrity of the digestive barrier. It allows you to tolerate ingested food and block the path to harmful germs.

When this barrier thins or becomes damaged, unwanted agents pass through the intestinal wall. A complex defense mechanism is quickly put in place.

The immune cells that reside in the gut become too reactive, causing a number of autoimmune or allergic reactions, or, well, completely inoperative! This increases the risk of a viral or bacterial infection.

Here is why it is important to protect the intestinal barrier to support the proper functioning of natural defenses!

Immaxis is an exclusive synergy of 7 natural ingredients. This food supplement has been specifically formulated to repair the intestinal barrier. And thus maintain the proper functioning of the immune defenses.

For flawless immunity!

  1. Reishi mycelium to clean up the microbial flora;

  2. Citrulline to nourish and oxygenate the cells of the intestine;

  3. Quercetin to reduce the risk of developing unpleasant reactions to certain foods (hypersensitivities or / and food intolerances) and to save the intestinal cells from stress;

  4. Vitamin A to promote the production of mucin which covers the cells of the intestine and protects them against various aggressions (bacterial toxins, digestive juices, drugs, etc.);

  5. Vitamin D to make powerful antimicrobial peptides;

  6. – Zinc to strengthen the junctions that weld the cells of the intestine;
  7. Vitamin C to activate warlike white blood cells.